Songflower Recording is a professional, full service recording studio. At affordable rates we offer an acoustically tuned tracking and control room, while utilizing the highest quality microphones, preamps, equalizers, reverb and compression. We also offer an extensive array of instruments including high quality electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar amplifiers and cabinets.




Our Services


pictureSongflower uses professional hardware and software to ensure the highest fidelity, from recording to mixing to mastering.


pictureSongflower has extensive experience capturing the best live recording performances and turning it into a great sounding song


pictureSongflower offers competitive hourly rates as well as project rates.


What we offer

Songflower Recording is a professionally equipped studio featuring tracking and mixing rooms. Located in Granger, Indiana, our studio uses the finest aspects of a hybrid system using hardware and software to ensure that your songs "sound like a record". We have taken no shortcuts and have the finest hardware equipment of any studio in Michiana.
Songflower is fully equipped to accommodate any recording project, and is committed to excellent customer service. With professional recording equipment and 20 years of recording, mixing and mastering experience under our belt, we'll take your songs from sounding good to sounding great!